Thinking Of You - Greeting card tips and tricks shared with you

My mother’s love for music inspired me to make a piano themed card.
My mom has finally moved off Facebook!
What a relief!  No more gushing over her daughter online! No more excessive “Likes” and reveling embarrassing moments of my childhood.
...wait, by not talking to my mom via Facebook, I now have the desire to make greeting cards, so I can send them to her and stay connected with my family and friends.
To make this music-themed card, I cut up pieces of black and white paper to look like piano keys. I chose brown colors to represent the wood typically seen in performance halls.  To dress up the card, I added a black bow to make it a black-tie affair.  The music sheet paper was included to tie the theme together.  This took a lot of glueing, but overall - this card was simple to make.
To inspire you to make cards, I am sharing 3 greeting card sources, with great tips and tricks to you get started.
  1. Melissa, from “A Vegas Girl at Heart” shows what you can do with just a simple circle punch.  She even provided a simple sketch to help you figure out where and how to place the circles to make it look good.  Thank you, Melissa for sharing this!
  2. Just in time for Easter - learn tips and tricks from Marisa from “Omiyageblogs” who shows you how to use parchment paper and stencils to make perfect Washi Tape cutouts and make Washi Paper Easter eggs cards.  
  3. Watch Kristina’s tips on how to fold paper into standard card sizes, she also has other great tips to get your started to make your own greeting cards.
  4. Here are easy cards to make using Washi Tape - see my examples below from ideas I found on the Internet.  You can buy Washi Tape from a Bump of Knowledge.
Enjoy, and thank you for visiting my blog.

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